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Doctors Round the Clock eliminates the hassle of finding a doctor and the need for unnecessary doctor's visits.


Doctor-On-Call, or telemedicine, is the delivery of medical care and services from a distance. This service has become a significant part of healthcare because of its ability to provide quality health care efficiently and in an inexpensive convenient manner.

The first high-profile appearance of telephone medicine was in the 1960s, when NASA used telemetry to monitor the health of astronauts during space missions. In the 1970s, pioneering institutions in Alaska and Arizona began using telephone medicine, enabling physicians to conduct consultations remotely from people of rural communities.

In today's internet-connected society, Doctor-On-Call knows no limits. With Doctors Round the Clock, health care is literally available everywhere; your smart phone, laptop, or tablet opens a doctor's office at your need, from anywhere in the world with phone or internet access. Priced at a fraction of traditional health care.